Yleisöä Tammerfestissa 2022 aurinkoisena päivänä. Osa yleisöstä istuu nurmikolla, taka-alalla näkyy Tammerfestin päälava, ja alue on vehreiden puiden ympäröimä.


18.7.–20.7.2024 Tampere

Tammerfest, Finland’s hottest urban festival, is the midsummer highlight that has filled the city of Tampere with festive atmosphere since 1995. The main concerts during the festival are held in the heart of the city centre, in the Ratinanniemi Festival Park. Each year, the festival programme includes some of the brightest stars of Finnish popular music. Additionally, various events at the clubs and restaurants bring pop and rock music all over town.

  • Music
  • Adults only
  • Disabled access
  • Outdoor event
  • Safer space policy
  • Sustainable choice
  • VIP packages

Image(s): Julius Konttinen