Konsertti vaaleaseinäisen kivikirkon sisällä, keskellä kuvaa on kattokruunu, esiintyjät ja kuvan reunoilla kirkon penkit ja yleisö takaa päin kuvattuna

Sastamala Gregoriana

17.7.–21.7.2024 Sastamala

Sastamala Gregoriana is one of Finland’s largest and longest-lived events focusing on early music. The festival, which was first held in 1996 and has since gained international recognition, is organised annually, at the end of July, in Sastamala, in the ancient cultural landscape of lake Rautavesi. The surrounding national landscape, the medieval church milieu and the music of the Baroque, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance make up a unique set of events.

  • Music
  • Alcohol-free
  • Also free events
  • Courses
  • Discussions
  • Lectures
  • Outdoor event
  • Programme for kids
  • Programme for youth
  • Safer space policy
  • Seminars
  • VIP packages
  • Workshops

Image(s): Laura Vanzo, Visit Tampere